The Timmys

cool dudes from springfield, il

The Timmys are a super fast punk rock band from Springfield, Illinois that kicks a lot of ass on the reg. Site includes news, show schedule, free streams, web store, etc. It's basically the only thing on the internet that's worth a damn.

2015 Opening Ramble


I've been treating this news section as little more than a dribbling faucet of random tidbits. Well, this ends now! It's 2015 for heaven's sake! It's time to get all rambly! Let's do this.

First up, we got some info of the dudish/girlish variety. Towards the reverse-cusp of 2014 we released a charmingly delightful 4-song EP on BandCamp called Dude, Girl, and I'm happy to hear myself type that you can now buy the damn thing on other services (such as iTunes or Google Play) as well! And why wouldn't you want to purchase such a magnificent assemblage of ditties? Not only is it on Black Sheep's Top 10 Albums list, but the eponymous track managed to infect the Top 10 Songs list as well! Now don't you feel like a jerk? A jerk with too many dollars, perhaps? Hmmmmmmm?

Well, if you're wanting to spend those cumbersome dollars on a vinyl version of the EP, I don't have an ETA, but I can assure you it is most definitely "in the pipeline" as my nonexistent crude oil-championing friends are keen on saying. But if you're seriously so strapped for some Dude, Girl action and want to get it on the sly/free, you can stream that shit on Spotify or SoundCloud or YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, now you can also stream our previous full length album, Sangamon County Minefield over there! 

Or, you know what, fuck it. You can do that shit right here:

Oh yeah. That's some sweetness.

Speaking of Black Sheep - and indeed, of sweetness - the Illinois Times did us all one h-e-double lowercase L's of a favor and finally got to the bottom of the nebulous mystery that is South Town, explaining the hows, the whys, and the whodathunks of all the cool shit those dudes are doing over there. You may recognize one such dude's photo-ma-graph dangling precariously below the byline. Tis none other than our resident bass-molester, Brandon Carnes! He also recorded that Dude, Girl EP some insufferable asshole was typing about earlier. Weird world, this one.

More news'ins to come!