The Timmys

cool dudes from springfield, il

The Timmys are a super fast punk rock band from Springfield, Illinois that kicks a lot of ass on the reg. Site includes news, show schedule, free streams, web store, etc. It's basically the only thing on the internet that's worth a damn.

...As Heard on the Men Seeking Tomahawks Podcast + More!

Hey, we're on a podcast over heah!

Everyone's favorite EP title track, "Dude, Girl" is featured on the latest episode of the Men Seeking Tomahawks Podcast! Big thanks to Jack and Dan for letting our little ditty out to play.

On that note, we love having our jams played on anything and everything. If you have a use for our song in your project, go ahead and use it! Podcasts, videos, whatever! All we ask is that you give us a heads up so we can do the ol' cross-promotional tango with you.

Grams of an Instant Nature

And... yeah, I guess I'll just shove this here. I setup an Instagram account for the band that you can follow. We'll be posting at least one photo/video from each show we play as well as any other miscellany we happen to dredge up from the bowels of our collective photo collections. Give it a follow if you're so inclined.

Other Bite Size News Morsels

  • Dude, Girl vinyl test pressings are < 4 weeks away
  • Practicing a new song called "That One Song" (it'll make sense when/if you hear it)
  • Ian got a dog. Robbie is getting a dog. What are these, the dog days?! It ain't summer yet, fellas!