The Timmys

cool dudes from springfield, il

The Timmys are a super fast punk rock band from Springfield, Illinois that kicks a lot of ass on the reg. Site includes news, show schedule, free streams, web store, etc. It's basically the only thing on the internet that's worth a damn.

That'll Do - 5 song CD

That'll Do Cover.jpg
That'll Do Cover.jpg

That'll Do - 5 song CD


You're going to love what we've done with CDs! We've put music on them! Cool, right?! I know! 
Track listing: 
1. Braindead 
2. Who's Paranoid? 
3. Rudie Failed 
4. To Live and Die in Eau Claire 
5. The Best Idea 

Again, this is a CD. If you're looking for digital downloads, those are available here:

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